Embedded System Development

Aimtron Technology has great experience in the development of real time Embedded Application

development of real time Embedded Application

Software Development

Providing the next-generation Embedded Software Development and Engineering Services to our customers our aim is to satisfy their specific business requirements.



Enriched with the expertise in developing Firmware and Embedded Applications for a wide range of products including embedded C, C++ programming. Application development and optimization of a wide array of OS(RTOS) platforms.


Multithreaded Application

Aimtron Technology developing application using proprietary microkernels, processor dependent real time assembly coding as well as real time multithreaded applications.



IOT prosumer device communication



Link your embedded project to local networks and the Cloud



Hardware and software solutions for the world's most popular operating system.




Application development for iOS mobile devices.



Hardcore solutions for hardcore issues.

DB & Cloud


UX and dashboard development for your data.