AIMFEST 2015 Continues on to Our Dinner Party

AIMFEST Continues on to Our Dinner Party at Maggiano's Little Italy, Schaumburg, IL.

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Dinner Party

Aimfest 2015 continues!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Manufacturing Success

Welcome to the Aimtron journey; the best is yet to come!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Events

Look at how happy everyone is!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron CEO

We build relationships.

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Happy Employee


Aimfest 2015 Deal with Aimtron

Even the bank loves Aimtron!

Aimfest 2015 Discussion Together

Even competitors are planning how to support Aimtron!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Dinner Party1

Meeting, greeting and eating.

Aimfest 2015 Support Aimtron Family

The Honorable Mayor has always supported the Aimtron Family!

Aimfest 2015 Able Sales Director

If not now, then when?

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Family

Aimtron is prepared to support our customers throughout generations.

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Dinner Party2

Wow! What a great turnout!

Aimfest 2015 Deal with Aimtron and Happy

Friends having lots of fun.

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Dinner Party3

Delicious Italian food.

Aimfest 2015 Deal With Aimtron Group

Aimtron is safe between the Inside Controller and Outside Controller.

Aimfest 2015 Able Sales Director Discussion

Seriousness among the fun.

Aimfest 2015 Deal with Aimtron and happy together
Aimfest 2015 Discussion something
Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Happy Deal

No problem, I'll drive!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron group employee

Wow, our office team grew so fast, just like our business!

Aimfest 2015 Hand-shaking with Bhanu Vasani

Time to say goodbye already?  See you next year AIMFEST 2016!