Aimfest 2015 Elaine Nekritz

Aimtron's Western Sales Manager was engrossed in his explanation of Aimtron's facility.

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Sales Manager

Aimtron's pillar: A multicultural, multifaceted group operating as one Team (You will see other team players while touring)!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Pillar

Come one, come all, watch the amazing Larry dazzle our guests

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Guest Larry dazzle

Ron: The technical guru within the sales power force!!!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Sales Power

All in a day's work: Planning for the next big surprise, don't you think?

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Working Plan

A high quality explanation of our processes to deliver high quality product.

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Working Process

Manufacturing with the latest, most state-of-the-art equipment to meet any and all requirements. (Additional 2 SMT lines on the way)!

Aimfest 2015 Aimtron Store

On October 13, 2015, Aimtron hosted its first annual Aimfest. We invited customers, supply chain partners, and other honored guests, including the Honorable Mayor of Palatine and Illinois State Representative Nekritz, to tour our facility.